How do you use the Never Member filter?

Targeting high-value customers that have never been Wine Club Members with DTC Segments.

Wine Club Members often get the most attention but there are loyal customers who for whatever reason have not joined the Wine Club. They are the never members. Never Members are defined as customers that are not currently and have never been a wine club member. There are lots of never members in the Spectator and Casual buyer segments but there are also a good number in the top two segments of above-average customers. With member filters, you can easily reveal and target these high-value customers. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to  DTC Segments
  2. Under “More Filters” Choose “Never Members” and click update
  3. Roll over the "Top Performer" and "Consistent Buyer" Segments to see how many Never members are in each of these segments
  4. Export the "Total Customers" if you'd like to see who these customers are

Now that you know who these customers are you can formulate a plan to take action. Here are two potential use cases to get your creative juices flowing but there are many great options. 

Option 1:  Engage with Top Performers

  1. Select the Top Performers by clicking on that portion of the DTC Segments triangle
  2. Download the “Never Members” Export
  3. Sort the downloaded file by column (L) last_order_channel (This will allow you to divide the list further based on how they have most recently purchased)
  4. Since these customers are among your most valuable, try a high touch contact strategy based on their last order channel
    1. POS: craft a limited time (and exclusive) tasting experience
    2. Web: send them an email for a curated bundle of library wines or wines that are not normally available  
    3. Inbound/Admin/PhoneCall: identify the sales associate who helped them last, and have that person do a follow-up call

Option 2: Convert Consistent Buyers

  1. Select the Consistent Buyers by clicking on that portion of the DTC Segments triangle
  2. Download the “Never Members” Export
  3. Sort the downloaded file by column (K) last_order_date, newest to oldest, identifying those who have purchased in the last 3-6 months.
  4. Craft a “club member experience” or “member for a day” offer designed to give these customers a taste of membership. For those that participate, follow-up with a sign-up offer

There are many options for capitalizing on high-value customers, give these a try or come up with your own strategy. A few other ideas are;

  • Create a loyalty program to foster their growth and reward them for their continued purchasing
  • Invite them as special guests to Wine Club events   
  • Create a concierge program to provide them with extra service, this can be as simple as introducing a team member as their personal reference point for any of their wine-related questions, pairing recipes, local dining suggestions etc.

It's up to you to determine the action that is the best fit for your brand. The goal is to foster never member relationships so these customers continue their purchasing journey. The never member filter enables you to easily spot and engage high value and high potential customers that have not decided to become Club Members.