How do Member Filters Work?

How member filter categories are defined and how to apply them.

Member Filter Definitions


Members are defined as any club member that has an open Wine Club Membership regardless of hold status. 

Club members play a vital role in your DTC business. They have a special relationship with your brand and raised their hand to say, "yep, I want a regular flow of YOUR wine." By combining member filters with the customer segment and/or location, you can assure your communications and marketing are relevant and personal.


An Ex-member is any customer who was previously in a Wine Club but has since canceled and currently does not have any active Wine Club Memberships.

There are many reasons a member decides to cancel their wine club membership, but this doesn't mean the relationship is over. Continuing to connect in a meaningful way, strengthens your bond, and encourages them to continue their buying journey.

Never Members

Never Members are customers who have never been in a Wine Club. 

Maybe regular shipments aren't for them, or they just haven't reached that point in the relationship, but they still connected with your brand. Regardless you don't want them to fall through the cracks. With the right communication and nurturing, they could become your next brand advocate or wine club member.

Easily Target Members, Ex-Members, or Never Members

The Member Status Filter in the DTC Map and DTC Segments is an easy, actionable way to target customers and scale personalization. 

Using Member Filters in the DTC Map

  • Extend a unique benefit to out-of-state club members. 
  • Invite local never members into the tasting room for an exclusive afternoon of club member benefits.
  • Set the date range to October-December of the prior year for a list of all the customers who purchased during the holidays. Use member status to personalize your campaigns to each cohort.


HINT: The DTC Map is time constrained by the date range you select, member filters applied to reflect the customer's member status during that period. For example, if your date range is 10/01/2019-12/01/2019 and a customer made a purchase during that date range but joined the wine club in January 2020, the customer will be categorized as a "Never Member" because they first joined after the selected time.

Use Member Filters in DTC Segments

  • Invite never members, consistent buyers to join the wine club
  • Target ex-member, rising, casual buyers with an offer to rejoin the wine club. 
  • Offer an extra benefit for rising, consistent buyer members to encourage their upward trajectory.