How do I use average order value (AOV) to increase revenue?

Strategically placed incentives based on segment AOV are a powerful way to deliver personalization at scale and boost sales.

Emetry segments and their relevant data points are designed to be dynamic and responsive to the actions you take. Knowing how the average customer in each segment purchases allows your team to create offers specific to those customers and your goals. The more specific, the more personalized your offer will feel to the customer.

Average Order Value (AOV) is a key segment data point that can help focus your efforts. The following is a tried-and-tested approach to lift the AOV for a segment. The reward is tangible: the higher the AOV for your segment, the more revenue you generate. 

Here are the steps to leverage segment AOV to lift revenue.

Export targeted lists from Emetry DTC Segments

  1. Log in to the Emetry Software
  2. Click on DTC Segments on the left-hand menu

  3. Select the Consistent Buyers segment  (we believe this is the segment with the most potential for your influential marketing) 

  4. Click on the EXPORT buttons for “RISING”, “STABLE”, and “DECLINING”
  5. Three files will download (if you don’t immediately see them check your downloads folder). Rename each file to include the Consistent Buyer AOV, as a reminder and future comparison of the results of your efforts. For example:

    1. Rising-ConsistentBuyers-AOV522

    2. Stable-ConsistentBuyers-AOV522

    3. Declining-ConsistentBuyers-AOV522”

  6. Click on the Top Performers segment and make a note of the AOV

Craft three email campaigns,one targeted at each list that downloaded.

  1. Rising Consistent Buyer Email: Craft an email offer to persuade the rising Consistent Buyers to purchase well above the segment AOV. Design your incentive so the order total will equal the Top Performer AOV that you noted in step 5 above. An example might be including shipping on orders that meet the threshold. If discounting or shipping offers don’t fit your brand try crafting a 6- or 12-pack close to your target AOV that includes a pre-release or limited-library wine consumers don’t have access to.
  2. Stable Consistent Buyers Email: Do the same as above but this time, make the offer equal to the Consistent Buyer AOV plus $50-$100 (you choose what is the correct scale compared to the AOV).
  3. Declining Consistent Buyers Email:  Do the same as above but this time, make your offer equal to the Consistent Buyer AOV.

Tip: To save time and energy create one of the emails above with all assets and copy that fit all three campaigns and then duplicate the campaign and change the offer for the other two emails. 

Measure the results

Once your promotion has run its course, go back into the Emetry software and look at the Consistent Buyers segment. Has the AOV increased? This methodology can be used over and over again with different promotions.

Tip: Experiment with different incentives. Try shipping offers, mixed sets, library wines, pre-releases,  exclusive experiences, or whatever you think is compelling for your customers. 

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