Automatically Send Handwritten Notes to Endangered Wine Club Members

A step-by-step guide to sending automated notes with Emetry and Handwrytten via Zapier.

With an Emetry <> Handwrytten connection, you can automate sending personalized, handwritten notes based on changes in customer segment, risk class, member attrition probability score, or when the customer is in the Dødsing window. 

Handwrytten Account Checklist before setting up your Zap

  1. Create a Handwrytten account with a username and password. If you sign in via Google or Facebook, you need to convert your account to an email/password account.  You can convert your account at Just log in, click your name in the upper right, and click "My Account".
  2. Set up your card. Adding your logo and any custom artwork before setting up your Zap will make the process simpler.
  3. Add your payment information.

Before setting up this Zap please make sure your Handwrytten account is set to test. This can be found in the Billing Info section of Handwrytten at the bottom below your payment information. TestMode-Handwrytten

Setting up your Zapier Integration

Connect the  "Webhooks by Zapier" App

  1. Login into your Zapier Account
  2. Click "Make a Zap"
  3. In the top left-hand corner, click on Name your Zap and change it to "Emetry <> Handwrytten Endangered Members"
  4. Search for the app "Webhooks by Zapier", click on the app
  5. Select "Catch Hook" and click continue
  6. Click "Copy" on the Custom Webhook URL CopyWebhookLink
  7. Navigate to Emetry and log in
  8. Go to "Webhook Admin"  and click on the plus sign  (Learn more about setting up webhooks)
  9. Name your zap, paste in the copied URL, and toggle the event(s) you would like Zapier to receive, in this case, only "Club Attrition Events" and click "save". 
  10. Navigate back to your Zapier window
  11. Click "Continue"
  12. Click "Test trigger"TestYourTrigger
  13. Review the found data, and click continue. (If no data is found, wait a minute and try again. If it still fails check to make sure you input the URL correctly in the Emetry interface.)Find Data

Build Your Filter

  1. Search for "Filter by Zapier" and click on the app
  2. Click on "Choose field," "Show all Options," and then filter by "Data Club Attrition Change"
  3. Choose the condition: "(Text) Exactly Matches"
  4. Type in the value: "Negative"
  5. Click "+AND" to add another parameter
  6. Choose the field to filter by "Data Club Attrition Class"
  7. Choose the condition: "(Text) Exactly matches"
  8. Type in the value: "Endangered"
  9. Click "+ AND" to add another parameter
  10. Choose the field to filter by "Data Prior Club Attrition Class"
  11. Choose the condition: "(Text) Does not exactly match"
  12. Type in the value: "Endangered" 
  13. If you want to further segment recipients consider adding additional filters like "Segment" or "Club Level".
  14. Click continue, review and then click done editingFilter-WineClubEndangered

Connect the Handwrytten App

  1. Click on the "+," search for the "Handwrytten",  and click on the app
  2. Choose the event "send card"
  3. Click continue and sign in to Handwrytten to authorize Zapier 
  4. Choose the Handwrytten account you want to connect and click "Continue"
  5. Customize the sender and recipient information
    1. For all the applicable sender information (first name, last name, address etc.) type in raw text to the fields.
    2. "First Name" > "Data First Name"
    3. "Last Name" > "Data Last Name" 
    4. "Recipient Address 1" > "Data Address"
    5. "Recipient Address 2" > "Data Address2"
    6. "Recipient City" > "Data City"
    7. "Recipient State/Province" > "Data State Code"
    8. "Recipient ZIP/Postal Code" > "Data Zip Code"
    9. "Recipient Country" > Select "United States" in the drop-down
  6. Customize the Card 
    1. Choose the "card" you want to send. (See the options here.)
    2. Choose your "writing style" in the drop-down. (Our favorites are "Compact Lulu", "Enthusiastic Erin", "Reliable Ryan", and "Righteous Rachel".  (See the full list of styles here.) You can also have them replicate your handwriting for an additional cost.
    3. Craft your message (cards typically allow for 480 characters)
    4. "Gift Card Denomination" This can be blank if you're not including a gift card, otherwise select from the dropdown options
    5. "Custom Inserts" If you have a custom insert (such as a business card, magnet or other documents) that you have sent to Handwrytten and want to include with your order, select it from the dropdown
    6. "Webhook URL" You can create a separate webhook automation to notify you when a card is written. Feel free to leave this blank.
    7. "Credit Card" select the credit card you want to use from your billing settings. (If there is not a card in the drop-down, login to your Handwrytten account, navigate to billing info, and add a form of payment.Card-WineClubEndangered
  7. Once you've inserted all desired data fields click "Continue" then "Test and Continue"
  8. If your "Test was successful" review the field values and click "Turn on Zap"
  9. The last step us to go back into Handwrytten and "Turn off" test mode

    Once the Zap has been turned on, a card will be written and sent to any wine club member who meets the parameters you set in the filter stage of this guide. The wine club attrition model updates on the second of each month. 

    Once you have your automation set up, it's a good idea to set your self a calendar reminder 2-3 months out to review your card, change the message, and maybe change the card you're sending. 

    Handwrytten allows you to create your own custom cards for free, so feel free to be creative. Many wineries have an abundance of beautiful photos. Change your card seasonally with a photo of bud break, harvest, or a beautiful table setting. Think of what a customer may want to keep on their fridge or in their office just because it looks great!